Ancestors of Mel LOMAX


First Generation  

See Origins of LOMAX/LOMAS names at foot of Sixth Generation page.

1. Melvyn Lomax, son of Matthew Lomax and Helen (Nellie) Walker , was born 29th May 1940 in Radcliffe, Lancashire, England.

1 MISC LABEL1: 29/5/1940 1 MISC LABEL2: Sergeant of Police (Retired) 1 MISC LABEL3: C of E. 1 MISC LABEL4: ENGLAND 1 MISC LABEL5: Radcliffe

BIO:Mel, LOMAX born 29/5/1940.At No. 8 Henry Street, Radcliffe ENGLAND. Father, Matthew, Mother Helen, Wife,Jessica. Migrated to Australia with wife and Daughter Julie, in 1964. Second daughter born Melbourne Australia 3/2/1966 Sandra Helen. Mel; served in Comm/Police 1965-1968. Then Northern Territory Police 1968-1977. Medically retired. Moved to Hervey Bay Queensland 1979( Jan)

Melvyn married Jessica Barnes , daughter of Unknown and Mary Helen Kilroy , on 6 Sep 1958 in Bury Lanc`s England. Jessica was born on 16 Sep 1939 in Farnworth England. Jessica's grandmother was the daughter of   Robert PILKINGTON son of William PILKINGTON.

General Notes: 1 MOTH I30 2 SPOU I1 1 MISC LABEL1: 16/9/1939 1 MISC LABEL2: Mill worker/ Hospital worker 1 MISC LABEL3: C of E 1 MISC LABEL4: ENGLAND 1 MISC LABEL5: Bolton

BIO:Jessica BARNES known as (Maureen) married Mel LOMAX on 6/9/1958 at Bury Lanc
s ENGLAND after being engaged for 12 months. They have two Daughters, Julie (COULTHARD) and Sandra Helen (MOSSOP) and 6( six) Grandchildren, Brook Jessica (COULTHARD) Shay Maxine (COULTHARD) Haley Renae (COULTHARD) and Emma Lee (MOSSOP) Dylan Anthony (MOSSOP) and Brody Jamel (MOSSOP). Migrated to Australia from England with Husband Mel, 13th April,1964.Dep;) Several years in Melbourne, then to Northern Territory, most time Alice Springs,. From there moved to Hervey Bay Queensland January 1979. Loves playing Darts, Sportsmans Club and, the R.S.L Club, with husband Mel..

Noted events in her life were:

• MARR: 6 Sep 1958, Bury Lanc`s England.

Children from this marriage were:

          i.   Julie Lomax (born on 22 Jun 1962 Bury England)

         ii.   Sandra Helen Lomax (born on 3 Feb 1966 Melbourne Australia)


  Second Generation  

2. Matthew Lomax, son of Matthew Ainsworth and Mary Hannah Lomax , was born on 27 Sep 1899 in Radcliffe England, died on 7 Feb 1961 in Radcliffe England, at age 61, and was buried in Radcliffe, Lancashire, England.

General Notes: 1 FATH I14 1 MOTH I15 2 SPOU I2 1 MISC LABEL1: 27/9/1900 1 MISC LABEL2: Miner /Armed services. 1 MISC LABEL3: C of E 1 MISC LABEL4: ENGLAND 1 MISC LABEL5: Radcliffe

BIO:Matthew LOMAX born 27/9/1899. Radcliffe ENGLAND. Mother Hannah and Father, Matthew AINSWORTH. Young Matthew, was in the 1914-1918 World War One, and the 1939-1945 World War Two.. He was wounded in the First war, and whilst on leave and bandaged, he met his wife to be Helen WALKER known as (Nellie) It is believed he was mentioned in despatches, and received OAK LEAVES for acts of bravery. In the second world war, his eldest son Stanley, served side by side with him in France and Germany.. Matthew and Helen had (9) children total. They lived in Radcliffe all their married life. Sons Melvyn, and Stanley and Daughter Joyce, Migrated to Australia with their families, at different times of course..Matthew LOMAX died approx; 1961..His wife Helen died 1975. Both are burried at Radcliffe.

Noted events in his life were:

• MARR: Radcliffe England.

Matthew married Helen (Nellie) Walker in Radcliffe England.

Children from this marriage were:

          i.   Stanley Lomax (born on 3 Feb 1923 Radcliffe ? England)

         ii.   Alice Lomax (born on 28 Sep 1921 Radcliffe England - died on 2 Apr 1970 in Radcliffe England)

        iii.   Jack Lomax (born on 3 Jul 1924 Radcliffe England)

         iv.   Ernest Lomax (born on 7 Aug 1925 Radcliffe England - died in 1993 in Radcliffe England)

          v.   Joyce Lomax (born on 29 Jan 1929 Radcliffe England)

         vi.   Marjorie Lomax (born on 10 Dec 1932 Radcliffe England)

        vii.   Arnold Lomax (born on 3 Sep 1934 Radcliffe England - died on 18 Nov 1996 in Bury Lanc`s England)

1      viii.   Melvyn Lomax (born 29th May 1940 Radcliffe, Lancashire, England)

3. Helen (Nellie) Walker, daughter of Harry Walker and Jane Ellen BALL , was born on 15 Oct 1900 in Leeds ? England and died on 11 Nov 1975 in Radcliffe England, at age 75.

General Notes: 1 FATH I27 2 SPOU I3 1 MISC LABEL1: 15/10/1900 1 MISC LABEL2: Factory worker 1 MISC LABEL3: C of E 1 MISC LABEL4: ENGLAND 1 MISC LABEL5: Leeds or Birmingham or Nottingham?

BIO:Helen was born 15/10/1900, either at Leeds, or Birmingham, ENGLAND. She met her husband Matthew LOMAX by tripping over his leg, at the Cinema, his leg was bandaged from a war wound. He was on leave at the time,World War One. They married and had (9) children, the first child was born dead at birth, the other (8) survived. The writer being the youngest.Melvyn LOMAX.#1.) Helen known as( Nellie) it is believed came from a musical family. Her second cousin, was said to be the famous Band Leader, Victor SYLVESTER. Her second eldest son Jack LOMAX, even today (22/4/1996) is well known in the Radcliffe area for his singing voice. (Radcliffe ENGLAND). Helen (Nellie) died 9/11/ Radcliffe. Children in order of birth..Alice..Stanley.. Jack..Ernest..Joyce..Marjorie..Arnold..and Melvyn LOMAX.  Her fathers name was Harry WALKER. Helen had two sisters Alice (WALKER)of LEEDS England and Elizabeth (Lizzie) NORRIS nee (WALKER) of Preston Lanc
s England.

Noted events in her life were:

• MARR: Radcliffe England.

Helen married Matthew Lomax in Radcliffe England.

  Third Generation  

4. Matthew Ainsworth, son of Samuel Ainsworth and Elizabeth AINSWORTH (Lomax.) , was born in 1872 in Radcliffe England, died in 1946 in Radcliffe England, at age 74?, and was buried in 1946 in Radcliffe, Lancashire, England. Another name for Matthew was Matt.

General Notes: 2 SPOU I15 1 MISC LABEL1: 1873 1 MISC LABEL2: Miner 1 MISC LABEL3: C of E 1 MISC LABEL4: ENGLAND 1 MISC LABEL5: Radcliffe

BIO:Matthew born approx; 1872. Radcliffe Nr. Manchester England, said to he married his cousin Mary Hannah LOMAX. They had child Matthew LOMAX, born 27/9/1899, and Mary Anne Ainsworth (VERNON) at Radcliffe. It is believed Matthew AINSWORTH had a sister (Florence, BLANT) It is believed he spent most of his life mining in the Coal Pit (OUTWOOD)? Radcliffe. This info from his Son passed on to grandchildren.

BIOGRAPHY: Matthew AINSWORTH, born 1872 Radcliffe Near Manchester Lancashire England. Partner Mary Hannah LOMAX. born 1873 died 1951. at Radcliffe. Son Matthew LOMAX born Sept.1899.Born out of wedlock.Died 1961. Also daughter Mary Ann Ainsworth. (Mary Hannah and Matthew did marry 11th Aug.1900.)

Noted events in his life were:

• MARR: Radcliffe England.

Matthew married Mary Hannah Lomax in Radcliffe England.

Children from this marriage were:

2         i.   Matthew Lomax (born on 27 Sep 1899 Radcliffe England - died on 7 Feb 1961 in Radcliffe England)

         ii.   Mary Anne AINSWORTH (born in Radcliffe England - , died in Radcliffe England)

5. Mary Hannah Lomax, daughter of John Lomax and Ellen Lomax , (maiden name STANLEY) was born on 3 Dec 1873 in Radcliffe ? and died in 1951 in Radcliffe England, at age 77.

General Notes: 2 SPOU I14 1 MISC LABEL1: 1873 1 MISC LABEL2: home duties 1 MISC LABEL3: C of E 1 MISC LABEL4: ENGLAND 1 MISC LABEL5: Radcliffe ?

BIO:Mary Hannah LOMAX wife of Matthew AINSWORTH. It is believed Mary Hannah and Matthew was Cousins,. They had their first Child (Matthew) out of wedlock,who took the mothers surname (Matthew LOMAX #3)  Mary Hannah and Matthew had another child Mary Ann Ainsworth (Vernon)#17). Mary Hannah died, after a fall, at her home at No.10 Water Street, Radcliffe, Near Manchester, ENGLAND.APPROX;1951.

It is now know Mary Hannah's Mother (Ellen LOMAX) maiden name was  (STANLEY)  Mary Hannah and mother used to travel by Horse Drawn Trap to Knowlsey Hall.?? it is believed.


Noted events in her life were:

• MARR: Radcliffe England.

Mary married Matthew Ainsworth in Radcliffe England.

6. Harry Walker, son of William Walker and Elizabeth MEE ?, was born in 1868 in Nottingham England.

Harry married Jane Ellen BALL in Jun 1898 in Preston Lancashire England.

Children from this marriage were:

3         i.   Helen (Nellie) Walker (born on 15 Oct 1900 Leeds ? England - died on 11 Nov 1975 in Radcliffe England)   Walker family Originate from NOTTINGHAM.

         ii.   Alice Walker (of LEEDS.York's)

        iii.   Elizabeth Walker (of Preston Lanc's)

7. Jane Ellen BALL, daughter of James BALL and Alice FAIRCLOUGH , was born in 1868 in Tarleton, Lancashire, England.

Jane married Harry Walker in Jun 1898 in Preston Lancashire England.

  Fourth Generation 

8. Samuel Ainsworth 1,2 was born 14th March 1852. ? in Of, Radcliffe, Lancashire, England.

General Notes: Samuel AINSWORTH, Father to Matthew AINSWORTH of Radcliffe.
_RIN 3

Samuel married Elizabeth AINSWORTH (Nee Lomax) .2

Children from this marriage were:

4         i.   Matthew Ainsworth (born in 1872 Radcliffe England - died in 1946 in Radcliffe England)

9. Elizabeth AINSWORTH (Nee.Lomax) was born 1849. ? in Pilkington Lancs Eng.

Elizabeth married Samuel Ainsworth .2

10. John Lomax was born in 1839 in Pilkington Lancs Eng.

John married Ellen Lomax . (Nee STANLEY)

Children from this marriage were:

5         i.   Mary Hannah Lomax (born on 3 Dec 1873 Radcliffe ? - died in 1951 in Radcliffe England)

         ii.   John.W. Lomax (born in 1869 Pilkington Lancs Eng)

        iii.   Sarah (, died in Radcliffe)

         iv.   Henry Lomax (born in 1876 Pilkington Lancs Eng)

          v.   Ellen Lomax (born in 1880 Pilkington Lancs Eng)

11. Ellen Lomax (Nee STANLEY)was born in 1840 circa in Prescot Lancs Eng.

Ellen married John Lomax .

12. William Walker was born in 1825 in Nottingham England.

General Notes: It is not known who the wife of William WALKER was at this stage as she
appears to be absent on the 1891 census at Nottingham England.

William married (Elizabeth MEE.? 29th Nov 1845 at Nottingham).

Children from this marriage were:

6         i.   Harry Walker (born in 1868 Nottingham England)

         ii.   Lucy Brown(Nee Walker) (born in 1850 Radford Nottingham England)

        iii.   Charles Walker (born in 1858 Radford Nottingham England)

         iv.   Sarah A. Walker (born in 1864 Radford Nottingham England)

          v.   Harry Walker (born in 1868 Radford Nottingham England)

14. James BALL was born in 1844 in Tarleton, Lancashire, England.

James married Alice FAIRCLOUGH .

Children from this marriage were:

7         i.   Jane Ellen BALL (born in 1868 Tarleton, Lancashire, England)
          ii.   Nicholas    BALL (born in 1871

                                  iii.    Alice         BALL (born in 1873
                                  iv.   Isabella     BALL (born in 1877

                      v.    John          BALL (born in 1879

15. Alice BALL 2 was born <1849> in Down Holland, Lancashire, England.3
Noted events in her life were:

• Census: 1881, Preston, Lancashire, England.3 shows her as Sarah BALL

Alice, married James BALL .


                                             Fifth Generation. 

    Ellis AINSWORTH born approx 1826.? Father of Samuel AINSWORTH.

      George LOMAX       born 1812.? Father to Elizabeth LOMAX (AINSWORTH)

                                             and John LOMAX.

                                             Husband to Mary CLOUGH born approx 1812. (Radcliffe)

16. Samuel WALKER. was born <1781>Nottingham England

Children from his marriage.

12.    William, WALKER.    Born Nottingham 1825.Circa.

                                                                      Sixth Generation.

                     Samuel AINSWORTH,(1789.c) wife Mary BARLOW Radcliffe Lanc's  father to (Ellis AINSWORTH)       

                                               Seventh Generation.

Jeremiah AINSWORTH,(1759.C       married to Jane HAMPSON


On the origin of the Lomas / Lomax surname

An Extensive study on the origin of the LOMAS / LOMAX was published by a Charles A Hoppin.

Eilert Ekwall, Professor of English at the University of Lund, devoted much of his life to the study of the origin of place names in Lancashire and concluded that the name of the hamlet of LOMAX, a ‘ now lost name of the district south of the Roch, where Charlestown and Heady Hill are ‘, was descended from the old English word Lumhalghs.

Other authors independently conclude that the surnames LOMAS and LOMAX were ‘territorial’ derived from living in the district or hamlet of Lumhalghs, and that Lumhalghs was in the Parish of Bury. The place concerned lay east of Bury itself ,’ to the east of the river Roch.’

Lum had a different regional meanings; in Lancashire it generally meant a deep pool in a river, but near the Yorkshire border it could also mean a wooded bottom growing shrubs and trees.

The second element , ‘halghs’ is the plural of the old English ‘ halh’ also ‘haugh’ and meant either low lying, level ground by the side of a river, or, land lying within the bend of a river.

Actually, the hamlet of LOMAX is not lost. A map dated 1785 (in the Bury Public Library)entitled ‘ A LOMAX in HEAP. The Parish of Bury shows 25 parcels of land, their names and a list of their areas, with a total area of 75 acres. Those 1875 land boundaries have also been overlaid on a 1847 map to locate some of the lesser place names The following are labelled on the map and their location shown:(1) Lower Lomax,(2) Higher Lomax,(3) Heady Hill) and (4) Charlestown. Lower Lomax has retained it’s name and is now (1988) a dairy farm, bordering the south side of Roch.

Lower Lomax Farm is about 8 miles due north of Manchester City centre. The farm’s meadows are several hundred feet lower than Heady Hill which rises quite gradually from Lower Lomax and Heap Bridge. The river Roch has cut a channel almost 200 feet deep through that pasture land. The area shown as Lomax Woods on both the 1847 map and modern street atlas is now largely scrub growth in the bottom and on the south side of that gorge.

It is unknown whether there is a deep pool in this part of the river, but with the bottom of the gorge covered in shrubs and trees, a portion of old Lomax existing within a sharp bend of the river, and with the low-lying meadows adjacent to the river, the descriptive term ‘Lumhalghs’ is certainly satisfied.

The earliest mention of this area is contained in a charter, dated 1210, in one of the Lansdowne Manuscripts ( British Museum, mss-405, f,49). It is in Latin, but has been roughly translated as follows: " I, Adam de Biry (Bury),have given.......... to God and St Mary Magdalene of Bretton and to the monks serving there and to the work of her church, one piece of land in Hep (Heap) which is called Lumhalghs (Lomas/Lomax) divided as follows: That is to say from the rivulet which falls into Blackwell, through the centre of the moss as far as Meresache as the land divides itself as far as the Guledene (Gooden) and from Guleden to the water of Rached (Roch), together with all rights pertaining thereto in wood, in plain, in meadows, in pasture and in waters, and with all common rights of communication, with their livestock with the same ville, wheresoever the livestock of my men communicate with the same ville of Hep.( The names that have survived to the present are shown in parenthesis ).

The township of Heap was recorded as early as 1278. This authoritative history also states concerning Heap, the principal road is that eastward from Bury across the Roch at Heap Bridge, through Charlestown and Heady Hill ( here was the district or hamlet Lumhalghs or Lomax ) and the town of Heywood, where it divides to Rochdale on the Northeast and Middleton on the south.

The earliest record of the LOMAS / LOMAX family name is for William De Lumhalghs who was mentioned has being at a court held at Tottington on the 15th February 1324.

The Lay subsidy (tax) Roll, Number 130-6 at the PRO London, for Lancashire in 1333 lists " Rico De Lmhales" (Richard de Lumhalghs) as a landowner in Penhilton,( Pendleton, about seven miles Southwest of Lower Lomax) in the Parish of Eccles.

In 1380, Henry and Richard Lumhalghs and their wives contributed two shillings each to the Exchequer Lay subsidy in the Parish of Bury, and at the same time Thomas de Lumhalghs paid 12d. In 1391, King Richard 11 granted a pardon to John Del Damme for stealing at Bury in 1390, two bullocks, value 10s, from Richard De Lumhalghs.

In 1435 the following names appeared (in Latin) on the Rent Rolls of Sir John Pilkinton, Lord of the Manor of Bury: Radus Del Lumhalghs, Oliverus Del Lumhalghs, Thomas Del Lumhalghs and Galfridus Del Lumhalghs.

In 1441 Ralph Del Lumhalghs, John Del Lumhalghs and others, of Heap, were concerned in a lawsuit regarding land in Bury and Middleton.

Movement out of Lancashire is also recorded: 1386, Henry Lumhalghs in Herefordshire; 1394, Roger Del Lumhalghs in Yorkshire; 1432, Thomas and Richard Lumhalghs in Derbyshire; and 1496, Sir Richard Lumhalghs, rector of St Mary’s Church, Surlingham, Norfolk.

Regarding the matter of pronunciation, the letter "h" was often not sounded, the "al" was pronounced in old English as though it was an "au" and the "gh" in halghs is pronounced in Lancashire today as though it was "sh".

The old English pronunciation of "Lumhalgh" in Lancashire was thus probably "Lumhaush". The dialects of different regions resulted in various pronunciations, as recorded phonetically by clerks in old records, Lumaus, Lummas, Lomas, Lumhales, Lumhalx, Lomax.

The earliest records of the modern spelling of the name were found by Joseph Lomas. He reported on a family lineage of Laurent Lomases, with the first Laurent Lomas born about 1427 in a Bolton parish, the second about 1460 in Lancashire, and the third about 1493. This last one was the first Laurent Lomas of Eye, Suffolk.

Another early family that was noteworthy can be traced to a Richard Lomas of Pilsworth, who married Janet Heap in 1545. A fifth generation descendant, named Richard Lomas of Pilsworth and Burnshaw, married Rebecca, heiress of John Heywood of Urmston. Through this marriage the Richard Lomas family acquired the Clayton Hall estate at Clayton le Moors.

Of the parish registers that have survived to the present time from the Lancashire region, none predate 1541. The parish registers for Bury, Bolton, Deane and Rochdale, parishes with concentrations of Lomas / Lomax families, do not start until 1590, 1587, 1637, and 1582 respectively.

More than 30 entries of LOMAS baptisms, marriages and burials are found in those registers prior to 1600. The 1642 Protestation Returns for Salford Hundred only list 66 persons named LOMAS or LOMAX, including 25 in the Bury parish and 24 in contiguous parishes. The remainder occurred mostly in the northern part of the Hundred, particularly in the Deane parish, a short distance to the West of Bury, but the name also appears at Manchester and Salford. The LOMAS name became more numerous in the latter part of the 17th and 18th centuries.

A study of surnames of Lancashire stated that the name LOMAS seems to have become more dispersed by the end of the 18th century than some other surnames originating in the same part of the country.



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