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  Jack ( - )



  Marilyn ( - )






  Matthew (1872-1946 my grandfather)



  Samuel (1851- my great grandfather)

  Ellis    (1826,- 1881 my great great grandfather)

Samuel AINSWORTH (1789 my great great great grandfather )?                 Related to Edward Ainsworth 1651/2   of  Mas; USA, wife Joannah Hemingway.

James Ainsworth 1591            click (for front page, for more possible ancestors )     then, Click on link to British History On Line    

                                                                  Thomas Ensworth born about 1560, married unknown in 1591. Possibly related to.

                                                                  Jeremie Aynsworth, who married Mary Warberton at Bury in 1606.

                                                                  James  Aynsworth, who married Jane Bridge at Bury in 1610.  

                                                                   John Ainsworth, who married Eliz, Lomas at Bury in 1616.

                                                                  John Ainsworth, who married Jane Horrabin at Bury in 1639.

                                                                Aemar Ainsworth, who married Alice Cocker at Bury in 1640.

                                                                 Jeremy Ainsworth, who married Mary Pilling at Bury in 1645.

                                                                James Ainsworth, who married Katherine Nabbe at Bury in 1654.

                                                                Henry Ainsworth, who married Mary Holden at Bury in 1656.

                                                                Jeremie Ainsworth, who married Mary Lord at Bury in 1694.


                                                                  Thomas may also be the ancestor of the below Ainsworth's.

                                                                James AINSWORTH 1591 of Bury Lancashire England, wife Joan Buckley 1595

                                                               children. Alice 1617,James,1619,

                                                               James AINSWORTH 1619 of Bury Lancashire England,wife,Elizabeth,Smith,1613.

                                                             children. James,1645.Lydia,1650,Mary,1653.Thomas,1657,Esther,1659.Samuel,1661 

                                                             James AINSWORTH 1645 of Bury Lancashire England,wife,Elizabeth,1653.


                                                             James AINSWORTH 1688 of Bury Lancashire England,wife,Elizabeth,Wigan,1672.?


                                                            John  AINSWORTH 1715 of Bury Lancashire England,wife,Alice,Taylor,1721.


                                                          Jeremiah AINSWORTH 1759,wife Jane Hampson.1760c.

                                                          children of Jeremiah.and Jane. James,1780.Alice,1782.John,1784.William,1786.Samuel,1789.


                                                          Samuel AINSWORTH 1789, wife Mary Barlow 1796c.   Children of Samuel and Mary.

                                                           Elizabeth, 1817, Sarah, 1820,  Mary, 1822,  Alice, 1824, Ellis, 1826, Cecily, 1830.

                                                           Ellis AINSWORTH 1826, wife  Ann Bleakley 1833c,  Children of Ellis and Ann,

                                                           Samuel, 1851,  Henry, 1856,  Josiah, 1859,  and Mary Alice, 1860,

                                                          Samuel AINSWORTH 1851,  wife Elizabeth Lomax, 1850,   Children of Samuel an Elizabeth,

                                                          Thomas, 1871, Matthew, 1872,  and,   Samuel, 1881.

                                                         Matthew AINSWORTH 1872,  wife Mary Hannah Lomax, 1874.  Children of Matt and Mary,

                                                          Matthew, 1899, Mary Ann, 1903.

                                                         Matthew LOMAX 1899,  wife Helen (Nellie) Walker, 1900, Children of  Matt and Nellie,

                                                         (Still born 1920,)  Alice, 1921, Stanley, 1923, Jack, 1924, Ernest, 1926, Joyce, 1929,

                                                         Marjorie, 1932, Arnold, 1934, and Melvyn, 1940.

                                                         Above are the believed Ancestors of Samuel Ainsworth.1789   (wife Mary Barlow 1796)

                                                                      married Radcliffe Lanc's UK St Thomas's 1817, IGI Saltlake refers.                        

                                                                       The below have a Common Ancestor, according to Y-DNA Tests by

                                                                                                                             Common Ancestor             











                                                                      James HOLLINGSWORTH                                              Edward AINSWORTH

                                                                1782                                                                                                                                                             1652                  

                                                                      Zebulon Hollingsworth                                                        Nathan Ainsworth

                                                                                      1816                                                                                 1715

                                                                      Zebulon David, Hollingsworth                                            Amasa Ainsworth

                                                                1844                                                                                                                                                               1767

                                                                      John David Hollingsworth                                                 William Ainsworth

                                                                1876                                                                                                                                                               1810       

                                                                     David   Hollingsworth                                                        Fred Clinton Ainsworth

                                                                1906                                                                                                                                                             1862                                          

                                                                     J.Nolan,Hollingsworth  * *                                                 Herbert,      Ainsworth

                                                                                      1938                                                                              1916                       

                                                                                                                                                              Frederick W,Ainsworth **



                                                                                               Samuel AINSWORTH


                                                                                                Ellis      Ainsworth

                                                                                                            c 1826

                                                                                                Samuel  Ainsworth


                                                                                               Matthew Ainsworth


                                                                                               Matthew LOMAX


                                                                                               Mel         Lomax **                       ** Testers.














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