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William KANDERDINE 1575c wife Marie 1577c  

there appears to have been a name change from Kanderdine to Calladine.

Son John CALLADINE 1623 -1681 wife Ann 1630 -1679 son Thomas 1652-1776. he married Elizabeth COOPER 1660-1687 or Sarah COOPER 1671-1716

               son Thomas 1680 married Elizabeth LEVERSTICH 1691-1749 Their son was Thomas 1719-1776 he married Sarah PARKIN 1721-1795

                                          Their son Thomas 1749-1836 married Mary RUMLEY 1751-1817                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Brothers, Samuel CALLADINE 1756 and John CALLADINE 1759  Thomas CALLADINE 1791

William CALLADINE 1793 married Mary EARNSHAW 1794  daughter Charlotte CALLADINE 1824

Rebbeca CALLADINE 1790  married John ELEY b1790

Mathius CALLADINE 1785 married  Mary PRINCE 1785 daughter Mary 1811

Elizabeth CALLADINE 1785 married Thomas GEDING 1785

Samuel CALLADINE 1782-1868   married Mary MATHER 1785

Hannah CALLADINE 1780 married John KING 1780

Daniel CALLADINE 1775 married Elizabeth BROWN 1778-1832

Mary CALLADINE 1772  married  William KILLER 1765

David CALLADINE 1771  married Ann HOUGH 1771-1838 son David 1814-1893

There now seems to be yet another name change from CALLADINE to CALLODINE


 Sophia CALLODINE1795 wife to Thomas MEE 1792   son Noah MEE 1829 daughter Ann Callodine 1774     wife to George Biscumshaw 1774 daughter Elizabeth MEE 1827 wife of William WALKER 1826

William Walker, is my Great Grandfather, on my mothers side.





  Anthony ( - )



  Brooke Jessica (1982- ) baby Rylee Paige.(2005) baby Ashton Christopher (2010)



  Christopher Dean (1959- )



  Eric ( - )



  Betty (-)



  Haley Renae (1986- )   baby Baden Jett (2008) and Baby Tyla Rose born 8/04/2010, at Alice Springs.



  Rodney ( - )



  Roy ( - )



  Shay Maxine (1983- )



  Vickie ( - )



  William COULTHARD ( 1830c )                                                      Death 1858 see below Perished in the Outback

Whilst the explorer Babbage was surveying territory between Lake Torrens and Lake Gairdner two men Scott and Brooks, rode into camp to report the loss of their companion, William Coulthard, while on an expedition in quest of pastoral country. Babbage discovered Coulthard's remains on 16 June, 1858, his canteen beside him having inscribed on it the pathetic message of his last hours. Presented to the Society by Coulthard's son. His dying message says, (in part) "I never reached water. I do not know[how] long it is since I left Scott and Brooks [his companions], but I think it monday bleeding pomp [his horse] to leive on his blood. I took his black horse to look for water and the lst thin I can remember is pulling the saddle off him and letting him go -......altho feeling exu- for want of water - my eyes - to my tong - I can see no way I get help -".
Coulthard_Canteen.jpg (25437 bytes) Coulthard, Marion. Letter from Marion Coulthard to F.S. Dutton, Commissioner of
Crown Lands, 26 July, 1858, in which she requests that her late husband’s
(William Coulthard) water canteen, be given to her. Also the reply. Photocopies
of the originals held in State Record Office.





  Peter John

  (baby, Rylee Paige born 2005 and baby, Ashton Christopher born 2010) ( mother, Brooke Coulthard)






  Joanne ( - )





Baden Jett, born 2008

Tyla Rose born 8/04/2010





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